Community Court Yard

Community Court Yard reconnects communities, through the delivery of social education projects which at their core are based around grassroots community engagement, specifically targeting young people, ex-offenders and their families.

Our work has been developed through listening and deep community engagement. Where young people are at the heart of the inclusive participatory process; we learn, play and laugh, grow, cook and eat, create make and work together.

Our work is rooted in challenging the narrative in order to change the composition of the community by creating connections. Working relationally, bringing people together to create social change.

Our approach is practical and hands on. With a focus on social education, it builds capacity by reconnecting people into their communities and utilises collective solutions which unlock potential and create social change for the individual and the wider community.

Our beliefs are:
Story Telling: We want to change the composition of communities to celebrate talents and develop potential. Community Court Yard believes that the best way of bringing about change is through deconstructing labels and creating a space where each person’s authentic voice can be heard.
Co-Creativity: Working together to make a good idea great, is a fundamental building block to all of the work that we undertake.
Collectivism: Our work champions collectivism, as we share a passion for transformation and social movements. We understand that if social change is to become part of the fabric of society, people power is needed to make changes that matter sustainable.

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