Northampton Hope Centre

Hope has been working for 45 years in Northampton to help people in poverty, especially the homeless. We offer a wide range of services including:
- A day centre serving two hot meals a day plus unlimited hot drinks
- Clothes and shoes
- Showers
- Podiatry
- Dog care
- Mental health support
- Addiction support
- Signposting and advocacy, for housing and other services
- Classes, including arts and crafts, creative writing, mindfulness, meditation
- Fitness
- Volunteering opportunities
- Casework support to help people back into work including a range fo confidence and skill based training and work experience

We run a social enterprise offering training in tool repair, gardening and catering, with occasional employment opportunities.
We run a separate food aid project, a social supermarket, providing a club for people on low incomes to buy cheap in date food.

Pathways Covered

Accommodation and Support


Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


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