eve (NVCFR Ltd)

eve is the working name of Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge Ltd, a charitable organisation which has been operating in Northamptonshire for over 30 years. We provide refuge accommodation, and support in the community, for survivors of domestic abuse, and under the umbrella of our SHE (Safe, Healthy, Empowered) initiative we run a perpetrator programme (Fresh Start) which aims to support men who have been abusive to their partners and wish to change their beliefs, attitude and behaviour.

We have a dedicated staff team of experienced and fully trained domestic abuse practitioners, referral and engagement worker, and occupational therapy workers who are involved in supporting the women and children in our service through one-to-one keyworker meetings, therapeutic groupwork and a structured activity programme (the Restored programme) which can be adapted to meet the needs of the individual.

All our frontline workers are supported by our charity Trustees, the management team, administration department, training co-ordinator and housekeeper/homemaker - each with their own area of expertise and responsibility within the organisation.

We are funded by local government, and charitable donations from local businesses, organisations, churches and individuals, and by grants awarded by local and national Trusts and other interested parties.

Pathways Covered

Accommodation and Support


Attitudes, thinking and behaviour


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